Content Only = Games?

5 October, 2006 at 12:49 pm 2 comments

There is no denying it, what Microsoft has done with with Xbox Live is exceptional. It truly came into it’s own when it hit the 360, with the marketplace, great community features and arcade, it is a great place to enhance the gaming experience. This along side the wide range of PC integration (Window’s Media Connect and Media Center) and media functions, positions the Xbox 360 to be Microsoft’s ‘key’ to the living room. Sure, with Media Center, most functions that anyone could need in the living room are covered, except that Media Center relies on content to be provided by other parties whether it is DVDs, CDs, TV or online distributors.

The Xbox Live Marketplace is the perfect platform to deliver content directly to the consumer and as everyone says, the key to the console market is content (games). But content delivered shouldn’t have to be games. Movies and TV series could easily be deliver over the service, with Ads of course, and add another stream of revenue for publishes. It be easy to ensure that Ads can’t be skipped (not being on PC means few if any would work out a way to skip them), which is a leg up over TV delivered to a PC or TV (with a DVR or similar). More importantly, it would reduce people illegally downloading content as it is a more attractive option. It is better quality, easier to view on a TV (I find it more enjoyable to view it on a TV above a PC) and most importantly, it is free. Through ads, publishers make money, Microsoft makes money and the consumer gets content free. Content can be released world wide as well as region restricted, which means ads could also be region sensitive, meaning that even more money could be made.

Microsoft could also publish material themselves. If they picked content carefully, they could find a new angle for consoles. For example, recently the Sci Fi channel announced that Stargate SG1 would be canceled after the current season. If Microsoft began to publish SG1 exclusively on the Xbox Live Marketplace, I’m sure the large Stargate Hardcore contingent would sell quite a few consoles, this on top of the advertising revenue. This is one example that if Microsoft strategically picked content, they could draw many specific consumer groups that are by nature, high spenders.

Also, the marketplace could be used to sell music for both use on the Xbox 360, as well as Mp3 players, most importantly the Zune. Another content could also be existing Microsoft Services. Talking with people, it is clear that most people haven’t noticed the connection in the branding between Xbox Live, Live Anywhere and (the MSN services rebranding). Almost all of Microsoft’s online services now have a consistent branding, which shows their intention to integrate all of these services. This means we might see the ability to watch soapbox (Microsoft’s YouTube) videos on Xbox Live.

Essentially, when it comes to consoles, content it king. It was great exclusive content that made the PS2 such as success and in the ever increasingly competitive console market, content other than games needs to be considered, especially when there is money to be made by many parties.


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