I am finishing up my final year of highschool. At the start of next year I will be starting a uni course of game design and computer science (double degree). As you can clearly see, I want to enter the game industry as a profession.

I am from Australia which I believe in many ways offers me an objective position to observe the games industry, as well as slightly hinder my ability to make full consideration of some issues being removed from them. I don’t say this to say that my views are any less valid than the next, just so that you understand where I am coming from on some topics.

As far as games go, I prefer console gaming but do also play PC games, or as they are now called ‘games for windows’. I have no preference when it comes to types of games. As far as my views on the different console manufactures, they are drawn only from their actions, end products, strategies and general attitudes towards the industry. I in no way consider myself a fanboy.

I consider my strengths to be my creativity, my business sense (ability to judge the consumer and strategic decisions) and my technical ability with computers. My interests are not limited to games by any stretch of the imagination, games are just a great passion of mine. The reason I decided upon games as a career as I see it as an opportunity to do something I love while combining all of my strengths.


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