The name of this blog captures the purpose of this blog. Just one gamers means that I am just one gamer, but a gamer with his own views, but also highlights that they are only my views and in no way authoritive.

I decided to start this blog as I have always had many views about games, game design/game design concepts, technology, the games industry and the social aspects of games. Many of these views are not highly represented in the vast sea of content that is the internet, nor are some of the topics that these views are of. I believe that some people may be interested in my views as they may be something they have never considered, didn’t know about or a different point of view.

I do not consider the views I express to be concrete, nor will they be always views. I will at times discuss particular topics explaining what I believe to be relevant. I also encourage comments to be posted, and do not care what your point of view is on the topic, just as long as the comment is relevant discussion. Any fanboyish comments or personal attacks made will be deleted and your ability to comment will be blocked.


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